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Style It #153: Diva’s Closet~ Sunshine Girl

I woke up this morning thinking its a beautiful day outside. The sun hitting my skin from the most illuminating angle from the heavens. God must have much in store for me. I’ve overcome some troubling times as well as molding me into a stronger individual that is prepared for all things that will come my way. This sunshine girl is lighting up her own world  one step at a time.



Outfit: .::::Diva’s Closet  Island Girl Dress (Multi):::. @Thick Event

Accessories: [Co57] Feline Sunglasses Bubblegum (GROUP GIFT)

Shoes: [Co57] PiaMia 2.0 Ruby

Appearence: tsg. Nails – Bridal(@cosmeticfair), IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Incan Gold,PAPRBG. Animal Instinct Tattoo(@cosmeticfair)

Hair: Exile::1985 Reds