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Meme Challenge Accepted!!ME,MYSELF,& I MEME

I saw this on a fellow blogger’s Blog.. and I wanted to take part in it;) Ty  vεяεηα ïsäbël Ƈℓαяяìиɠтσи (aislinnllona)!! ❤ Make sure your check out her blog!! She is awesome!! You can find more challenges here as well——->


I am… Strong

I want… Peace.

I have… Love to give.

I wish… for my past not to allow people to hate me.

I hate… manipulative rude people.

I fear… loss of my mother.

I search… for a place where people would love me for me.

I wonder… how why people have to please other to fit in.

I regret… trusting those that didn’t deserve my trust.

I never… forget, but always forgive more then I should.

I always… try and look for the good in people.

I usually… feel like screaming when I want to Smile.

I dance… to every Spice Girl Song ever made.

I sing… unto the wings of God .

I often… Over critique myself more then I should.

I sometimes… wish I could be a celebrity for one day to see what all the fuss is about and make a difference in the world for Positive reasons.

I need… Michael Jackson to Singe me one more song.

I cry… to keep me from doing things i’d regret later.

I should… Be working on the last pages of the Pleasant Hope News paper.

I love… Twinny Giselle Marie Monae Nowles, she is an inspiring lady and a motivation for greatness in everyone she sees..