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Style it#193 : SugarBabez,MHC,Iconic~ B-girl

 Remember when Step Up  or You Got Served  first came out, everyone wanted to dance, and from dance crews?The thought of dancing with people that loved it as much as you do. wearing baggy jeans ,sports bras,and ran down sneakers,being sexy and hip-hop at the same time. Practicing hard 7 days a week,24/7 if need be.Performing in front of millions of people whether its for a good cause or just for fun. Telling a story through movement and music. Dance is a language that many people can understand. Being a B-girl is amazing, being about to dancing and expressing your most deepest feeling without speaking.Its one of the most beautiful forms of art there is out there. B-Boy dance has been out way before Hollywood used celebrities to make it popular, it was a way of life.  B-boy was a lifestyle, a job, not just some hobby people did when it was boring outside. Many people risk loosing everything to dance for a living .


outfit: SugarBabeZ~Getto Girlie~Techno~Outfit(includes pants, shirt, shoes)


appearance : MaitreyaMesh Body – Lara,Twigs Hair Base 3,,Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture,Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High,~By Snow~ Cullen

accessories: Bracelet GR Gold –RYCA,EARRING ICED-PLETED GOLD –RYCA–,MHC_Lace Bunny Mask (Open Me)located @ Quick Like a Bunny cart sale+Hunt April 4th- 18th