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Style It#303: That DarkSide

That DarkSide.png That one side many try really hard to hide. Yea that Dark Side!  I find it funny, because no one wants to take accountability for being the reason it was provoked to come out in the first place.  The Dark Side is the part of you, that comes off very unapologetic for the actions it may cause. This side is often known for being FED UP with unnessecary things that do not need to happen or be said!  BEWARE OF WAKING THAT SIDE UP.. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT ITS CAPABLE OF! ~EVIL GRIN~Gothic Masquerade Hunt

The Hunt Doesn’t offically start til October 1st but, there are so many great items worth finding! Stay tune to my blog to see what all these amazing designers have put together for your sl enjoyment! Check out this amazing group that holds many hunts for more information check out there blog I &R’S FUNT WITH HUNTS

HUNT ITEMS: ~*MF!~ Something True Gown – Gothic Masquerade

Mishmash Fusion

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Ballroom (Black)  Marketplace Store  | FOXCITY. Limited Holographic & Black Balloons

.:JUMO:. Glossy Lips – CATWA Heads|Ez’s: Blossom Nails|-VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.2final|^^Swallow^^ Tribal Face Piercing Black |little bones.Feline| Ezmerelda’sDolls-Bewitched Choker|Ezmerelda’s Dolls Bewitched Earrings