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Style It #252: Sunshine


Outfit: “P”Mermaid Kini(Yellow)(located@ FreakyFridays)

Accessories: Pandora Azul set, Soedara bollywood humble gold,  ::Ez’s: Jellybead foot Wrap,  ::Ez’s:  Rose BellyChain (yellow)

Appearance:: Head!Desk Sea Queen Slink Nails(Under the Sea Hunt),L’A CandyKisses Lips Cotton Candy,MaitreyaMesh Body – Lara,Twigs Hair Base 3,,Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture,Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High,.Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008,

Hair: : Head!Desk Lucothea

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Style it#244 Applause

Inspired by”Applause”-LadyGaga  image

image Photography by: MW.JONSON


 HAIR: Head!Desk:Dawn

OUTFIT:: =**.::**.::CR Designz::.**::.**= Sassy{Teal}located @ HAUTENESS*,LadyGaga Blazer

ACCESSORIES:*LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Crown [yellow],.tsg..Black Matte,[sys]Lolly&pop Bracelets

APPEARANCE:MaitreyaMesh Body – Lara,Twigs Hair Base 3,,Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture,Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High,.Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008,L’A Candykisses Lipz-Watermelon

SHOES: *F.A.A*LadyKilla White


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Style it #140: Fine Designz Boutique & T.O.D ~ Dem Country Girls

Wether we’re jamming Garth Brookes or David Banner you can’t  miss us. Our accent is very crisp and not hard to miss. Some mistake us for old fashioned or plain stuck up but trust me we could give a horses shoe (lol).We like or jeans and plaid print button- up shirts. Dem Country Girls do it the best. Some of us grew up on where Papa was busy in the barn feeding the animals, where some us were just helping Momma in the kitchen getting ready for a Sunday Dinner. Sitting on the back of the truck, drinking ice cold tea or lemonade just chatting it up until the moon takes over the sky. Listening to the sounds that mother nature creates from Dusk till Dawn.  Yeee Haaa! Howdy! -giggles-


;T: Scruffed Jeans Denim

{T.O.D}CapSleeve_Plaid Crop Top( Located atOlala Event)

[LX] Maze Earrings Gold

Bracelet GR Silver(Ryca)

L’AnguisetteCandy Kisses Lips -Cotton Candy

Maitreya Mesh Body

.HW. Ex-GF ~Necklace // Kiss Off( Located at Streets Of Love)

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Style it #139 : Diva’s Closet ~Testimony Tuesday!

When is the last time you shared a Testimony with the world? Did you know your break through can inspire someone who help someone else in their time of need? Testimony Tuesday! It has been a very long and forever changing journey. My personal battles and struggles that I have dealt with so long..have finally came to a halt.  I have endured many painful, and what seemed forever growing pains. My self value wasn’t were it needed to be. I would constantly help people who didn’t care for me, I would force myself to be someone I wasn’t because I wanted to fit in so bad. Well a wise person told me… You not suppose to fit! Your not suppose to make people like you! nor do you owe them anything . I’ve became so much stronger as a woman. I am a better person today then I was yesterday. Is God done with me?NO … DO NOT ALLOW ANY ONE IN THIS WORLD WETHER ITS SECOND LIFE OR REAL LIFE TELL YOU WHAT YOU DO AND DO NOT DESERVE!!!  Life is too short to worry about how people feel about you, or allowing people who don’t matter have power over your everyday life!


.:::Diva’s Closet Studded Dress(Candy):::.

.HW. Ex-GF ~Necklace // Kiss Off( Located at Streets Of Love)

.:EMO-tions.. *PRIA * red pack

[LX] Maze Earrings Gold

Bracelet GR Silver(Ryca)


L’AnguisetteCandy Kisses Lips -Cotton Candy

Nose ring Diamond/Gold (Ryca)

Slink Hands & Feet
[ b a h o l i ] – Astrid



Market Place

Inworld Location

Inworld group




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Style It #137: Flaws&All~ Sweat!Hollyhood Workout

 Its about that time of the year,where summer will be here sooner then you know it. Time to shed off that winter weight, and get ready to be in a two piece bikini. All winter long you had amazing and delicious food, cuddled close to a loved one because it was too cold to go outside.  Grab a partner or do it by yourself and get that healthy body you’ve wanted since christmas day.  Zumba, T25, pole dancing, anything to get your body moving, blood pumping, and Come on Now lets SWEAT!!!


*F.A.A.*  Zarreia Strapped High Heels [Black] RARE

Bracelet GR SilverRyca

L’Anguisette “Shimmer”  Lipstick Pink nude ( New Beginnings 2015 Hunt ends Feb15)

little bones. Feline – FULL GIFT*Group gift*(Join Group for 100ls)

*F.A.A.* Hollyhood Sweatpants & Sweatshirt [Black]

Maitreya Mesh Body

  Ma Vie. – Les Vernis – Diagonal French  RARE

Nose ring Diamond/Gold (Ryca)

Slink Hands & Feet
[ b a h o l i ] – Astrid
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Style it#111:Krome : I Have Nothing without You


Share my life, take me for what I am. I’ll never change all my colors for you.

I don’t want to look any more further,I don’t want go where you don’t follow

I wont hold this inside again this passion inside, cant run from my self there no where to hide.

– Whitney Houston


Shaselle C. Monae Nowles- Morgan (Paradise Bernitz)


[Krome]   Candy Apple Red Street Sneaker (Gold & Silver)

[Krome]   Halle Red Fur Jacket

[Krome]  Red Jumper w/ Multi-Applier Hud

Cute Poison – Sad Clown Dollarbie


K.O.B Wing’d Hello Kitty Set {G}

L’Anguisette “Shimmer”  Lipstick bubblegum

Necklace Photo-Change-L Gold  (Ryca)


The Secret Store – Winter Shawl – Straight Bangs – Polka

*SUGAR~BABEZ*~Taurus Nose Ring with Hud

[ b a h o l i ] – Astrid

Slink Hands & Feet

Miles Morgan( Marli Luv)

-MR-DopeShit Shirt w/hud

-MR- Windbreaker pants /hud

*JS*AJ 13 (Nitro Red) JS Sporting Goods