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Style It#212: Wrong Part of Town

Persy was a sweet girl from the night quiet town of Thunderville, she always wanted something more in life, she was tired of the quiet neighborhood, as well as her Father telling her to stay away from the south side of the railroad tracks. One day after school she took the long way home, (meaning through the south side of the tracks) and found her self lost. She came across a urban town that she never knew existed, she was watching how women were on street corners twerking on  the street light, hearing hip hop music for the first time. Men on both sides of the road either gambling or selling drugs, which causes her to clutch closer on her books. A strange man with dreads stepped to her “Excuse me shorty ,you lost mama?” the man said as she was stunned at this being infront of her. “Yea as the matter of fact I am thanks for asking.” Persy said. The man smiled and headed her to the right side of the railroad tracks. As Persy was walking across the tracks she couldn’t help but wonder, why this man was so polite to her, for the things she has seen. He seems different and she was eager to be apart of his world. The man made sure to watch her cross the tracks then walk towards his daily life in the Heights .

WrongPart of Town

Outfit:BLASPHEMIC – PETTYCOAT DRESS –  black(Doo-Wops&SockHops Hunt starts May11th-24th),[TWS] – Le Bodysuit [Pure]

Appearance:MaitreyaMesh Body – Lara,Twigs Hair Base 3,,Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture,Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High,.Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008 ::

Shoes::Ez’s: So Fine Sock Hop Heels{2-N-1}{V4-Slink High}

Hair:Magika [02] Surprise

Location: Kushington Heights

SCH DW&SH Poster V2{04-22-15}

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KushTails Fennux Shop


One of the most popular things on Second life that has been blooming, located at A.T.L South Kushington Heights, The KushTails ,a Fennux Store. Fennuxs are floating around the grid, adorable breedable creatures.


Fennux Dens are sold here between 100ls-300ls. There are many regions that these cute adorable creatures are created from.  There are various colors, aggression,and regions of these Fennuxs.


KushTails is a 3 story level shop that contains Dens, Fennuxs and a nice relaxing hangout place. Kushington Heights is a very relaxing place to hangout .


For anymore information

Owners: ℳïℒo Dïσηÿşûş Kυѕнιηgイση (mr.milodanic)

 ℳєℒ ĦԾԾℒϤ Hαяяιѕση Kυѕнιηgイση  (melpeppi)