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Featuring: ʆαɎ Ŧøяяєѕ (jbaybay.danitz)


Spend all night unpacking boxes, and gathering things together to make this house a home, then thought to myself that I wanted a garden!. While my love was away, and taking care of what he does every day, I decided to plant a garded in the back of our home.

Spending hours in our new garden today and it was simply very peaceful and gave me time to think about all I want to accomplish! Sudden I felt someone watching me, then I noticed ʆαɎ Ŧøяяєѕ (jbaybay.danitz) watching me. Snapshot_113.png

 ღƤєяsy Stylezღ (paradise.bernitz): what do you think about the garden
 ʆαɎ Ŧøяяєѕ (jbaybay.danitz): i love it

ʆαɎ Ŧøяяєѕ (jbaybay.danitz): u did a great job on it
 ღƤєяsy Stylezღ (paradise.bernitz): aww thanks love ❤
 ʆαɎ Ŧøяяєѕ (jbaybay.danitz): yw baby

 When spending many years thinking it would never happen for you, due to bad desicions and choices.. you can always count on a best friend. who actually enjoys being around you.

 Scenery:!! Follow US !! Spring garden (adult) COPY version |WILDFLOWERS – Aubretia Flower Patches

 ღƤєяsy Stylezღ (paradise.bernitz): .Q. Keep Watching|+Spellbound+ SweetDreams // Fatpack RARE |Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008 ::||-VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.2final|^^Swallow^^ Tribal Face Piercing Black

ʆαɎ Ŧøяяєѕ (jbaybay.danitz): ExalteD – Millo Jeans {Jake}| signature gianni |Unorthadox Odell Noir


Photographer :  M3.Jonson

Outfit: +Facepalm+ Twisted Alice(includes  shoes, bracelets,Earrings, omega approved!)

Appearance: ::Ez’s: cosmetics Glamazon blue{E&L},MaitreyaMesh Body – Lara,Twigs Hair Base 3,,Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture,Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High,.Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008 ::

Accessories: ::Ez’s:Geek Glasses,

Hair:  eXxEsS Vesna

*Pose*  Serd Poses Emphasis

It’s that time of year again!!Mother’s Day!!! Even though you should be thankful for all the women role models in your life every day not just that special day!! Things Remembered by Giselle Monae S.Nowles has all your special needs for that special Lady for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day Flower Bouquets, Baskets, Bundles, cards, plushies etc.

Get that Special Lady something she will remember even if its just because. Sweet Simple Gestures such as flowers or cookies will make a smile unforgettable.

Head on over to Things Remembered. . . . located in Pleasant Hope Estates Community
􀀚􀀌ThingsRemembered_006 ThingsRemembered_005 ThingsRemembered_004 ThingsRemembered_003 ThingsRemembered_002 ThingsRemembered_001


Lovlee Arrangement
Colors: Purple & Pink
Flowers: Roses & Baby Breath
Vase: Pearl
Bow: White/pink, White/purple
Price: 275L

Rose Hydra Arrangement
Colors: Pink and Mixed
Flowers: Hydrangea and Roses
Vase: Glass
Bow: White/yellow, White/pink
Price: 220L

Baby Breath Arrangement
Colors: Mixed
Flowers: Baby Breath
Vase: White
Bow: Orange
Price: 180L

Tulip Arrangement
Colors: Mixed
Flowers: Tulips
Vase: Glass
Bow: Pink/Purple
Price: 200L

Holdable Long Stem Roses
Color: Yellow, Pink, Red
Flowers: Roses
Wrapping: yellow, pink, and red
Price: 200L

=Baskets & Bundles=

For Her Basket
Outside of Basket:
Wine, Wine glasses, Chocolates, Frame (mod) , and Roses
Flowers: Red, Purple, White, Pink Roses
Basket: Brown Woven
Bow: White
Price: Basket alone 275L

For Her Bundle
includes: Basket (listed above)
Violet (Mesh) Nightie
Heart Necklace
Custom Wine (drinkable)
Chocolates (eatable)
Price: 450L

Relax Basket
Outside of Basket:
Bathing Products: Soap, Lotions, Creams, Body Sponge
Packing Parcel
Basket: Straw/Green, Pink/Black, White/Blue
Bow: White/ Green, White/Pink, White/Blue
Color options: Pink, Green, Blue
Price: 225L

Relax Basket Bundle
includes: Basket (listed above)
Clothing (Mesh): Robe, slippers, head wrap and body towel.
Facial Set: Different Flavors depending on the color all items are wearable to achieve spa (RP)
Color options: Pink, Green, Blue
Price: 440L

Sweet Dreams Basket
Outside of Basket:
Bear with pillow and sleep mask with 2 balloons, book and packaging.
Baskets: Brown Woven
Bow: White/ Green, White/Pink, White/Blue
Color options: Pink, Green, Blue
Price: 210L

Sweet Dreams Bundle
Includes: Basket (listed above)
Clothing Mesh: Robe & Slippers, Face Mask, Pjs
Holdable Bear that sings Lullaby Music once touched and Pillow
Color options: Pink, Green, Blue
Price: 400L

Create Your Own Bundle ( custom)
Includes: Trio of Balloons, Card and a Deluxe Arrangement of Flowers, and stuff animal and choice of candy/cookie
**All items are custom meaning words, name, color etc**
Price: 700L

=Extras & Goodies=

Mother’s Day cookies
Gardening & Bird
Price: 30L each

Spa Addons
Colors: Blue, Pink, Green
Includes: Clothing (Mesh): Robe, slippers, head wrap and body towel. Facial Set: Different Flavors depending on the color all items are wearable to achieve spa (RP)
Price: 200L

C’est Luxe Wines
Mother’s Day Edition
Flavors :Red, White, Pink
Dispenses wine

Everyday Specials
*all arrangements can be made custom for additional fee*

Super Deluxe Arrangement
(4) Dozen Red Roses
Vase: White
Bow: Various
Color: Various
Includes: Card, Trio of balloons, box of chocolates
Price: 375L

Deluxe Roses Arrangement
(3) dozen roses
color choices: Mix, Velvet red, Pink/white, yellow, white, Yellow/Orange/Purple Mix
Glass vase
Bow color options: Any color
includes choice of (1) balloon, and a bear any additional balloon are 10L
Price: 300L

Deluxe Lily Arrangement
color choices: yellow/purple, Red/Blue/White, Pink/Orange, Red/white
Vase: Glass
includes choice of (1) balloon, and a bear any additional balloon are 10L
Price: 300L

Deluxe Tulips Arrangement in vase
Vase Options: Glass, White, Gold, Sliver
Color Choices: Teal/Royal blue, Pink/white/yellow, Purple/pink/white, yellow/white/pink&blush
includes choice of (1) balloon
any additional balloon are 10L
Price: 200L

Single Rose
Colors: Pink, Yellow, Red
Boxed with ribbon

50L without sound
80L with sound

Stuff animals
Themes: ( several options)
60L without sound
80L with sound

(3) balloon trio – 150L
(1) single balloon – 50L
(6) cluster- 200L
(8-12) Mega Cluster-250L
*additional balloons after the cluster are only 10L*
Custom colors, or theme are available upon request


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