Just another Challenge from StrawberrySingh I wanted to try ^_-

On June 9th,2015 I will officially be five years old here on second life. I’ve never been through so much in my life until I entered the realms of this world. SL made me learn many things in the contrast of good and bad. I’ve been blessed through everything I’ve endured here on second life.
Growing up-  I was only 20 years old when I first rezzed into second life.Back then not knowing anything I saw many things that I thought I wanted to be,and have. Never knew that it was going to allow me to see how people really are. I had to learn that everyone who says they have your back here on the grid do not give a damn about you. I had to grow up in maturity, sensitivity, and heart. Many times I wanted to just belong and be accepted and I’d loose myself in the midst trying to please others. I had to learn that somethings aren’t worth fighting about as well as for.