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KushTails Fennux Shop


One of the most popular things on Second life that has been blooming, located at A.T.L South Kushington Heights, The KushTails ,a Fennux Store. Fennuxs are floating around the grid, adorable breedable creatures.


Fennux Dens are sold here between 100ls-300ls. There are many regions that these cute adorable creatures are created from.  There are various colors, aggression,and regions of these Fennuxs.


KushTails is a 3 story level shop that contains Dens, Fennuxs and a nice relaxing hangout place. Kushington Heights is a very relaxing place to hangout .


For anymore information

Owners: ℳïℒo Dïσηÿşûş Kυѕнιηgイση (mr.milodanic)

 ℳєℒ ĦԾԾℒϤ Hαяяιѕση Kυѕнιηgイση  (melpeppi)


I have been playing Second Life since 2010, blogging since July2013 and I truly love it. I enjoy the fashion and being able to do photography. Enjoy the people i've met and those who support me :)

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