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Style it #100:Fashion That Works ~ Winter

I don’t go to may fair events because of lag, but due to my God Mother Alasia Powers (owner of Authentic Design)being a designer that is participating in the FROZZEN FAIR2014 event I wanted to check it out. There are many great designers here, as well as free gifts and gacha machines!!! its was pretty cold, snow falling as well as on the ground. the prices are very reasonable and its worth every penny.



*booN YNO421 hair red/pink/green

Earring Diamond Square Gold (Ryca)

Nose ring Diamond/Gold  (Ryca)

{Fashion That Works}Wool White Coat

.tsg. Yorkie Puppies – Carrier RARE located at the Arcade Event starts Dec 1st

 IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Incan Gold

[ b a h o l i ] – Astrid

Slink Hands & Feet


I have been playing Second Life since 2010, blogging since July2013 and I truly love it. I enjoy the fashion and being able to do photography. Enjoy the people i've met and those who support me :)

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